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"With my busy work & lifestyle l regularly use Sandra's healing hands to help restore my karma...

I love the ambiance & serenity of her very professional clinic."



"Without Sandra's assistance in my rehabilitation after trauma I would not be able to do half the things that I can now, it's so wonderful to be able to do even the simple things in life again. Thank you Sandra!"



"I have always been 'too busy' to worry about my inner health and well being but Sandra has helped me to realise the importance of massage therapy and being able to take time for myself. Relaxation is now a part of my lifestyle. Sandra also helped with my recovery of Ross River Fever with gentle massage and Reiki. Her professional attitude and the serene surroundings of her clinic enable total relaxation, I highly recommend Sandra as your therapist of choice."

CP, Real Estate Agent

"I highly recommend the Musculoskeletal services of Sandra Greacen, she's a rare find and I'm extremely happy I have found her."


Professional Athlete

"After 2 hip replacements I always seemed to have some pain/stiffness when getting up and particularly when I tried to do some much needed fitness training. Sandra has not only alleviated these problems but, more importantly, she has helped me understand why they were occurring and how to deal with them. With her help and guidance I now train regularly and have a new lease of life.

After many years of various treatments I can honestly say that the therapy I have received from Sandra is second to none and I cannot recommend her highly enough."


Member of Pacific Harbour Golf and Country Club, Banksia Beach

"In the past 24 years I have suffered from continual headaches and extreme neck and shoulder pain. I have been treated by a variety of physiotherapists, chiropractors and massage therapists over that time, but the symptoms have always returned .

Sandra Greacen is the first therapist that I have been treated by where the symptoms slowly diminished and have not returned. Her professional and caring approach produced the pain free outcome I was seeking. Sandra gets long term results that have been life changing for me and I have never felt better.

I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.



Testimonials from Corporate Clients:


Thank you Sandra for facilitating our Corporate Re-Training program relating to staff well-being in the context of posture and ergonomics. Issues such as static work station posture have always been a problem in our industry of ‘sit down’ work. Our workplace health initiative to encourage staff to take 5 minutes to move will be greatly supported by your instruction on stretching, exercises and core muscle activation tips. We have thoroughly enjoyed the mini massages received and would recommend any organisation to use your capable hands and expertise to inform and pamper their staff to facilitate well-being and balance in their workplace.’

Zita Czigany Director of Design Gallery

“Thank you for the relaxing and very informative session Sandra. The stretches and tools you have shown me to counteract back and neck pain brought on by bad posture and hours in front of the computer screen have worked wonders.”

Karin Colville

Design Manager of Design Gallery, Commercial Interior Design

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